Research Associate - Postdoctoral Researcher on the project INTERENERGY

ORGANISATION/COMPANY: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
  Computer engineering
Electrical engineering
Mechanical engineering
RESEARCHER PROFILE: Recognised Researcher (R2)
APPLICATION DEADLINE: 31.5. via e-mail to
LOCATION: Croatia, Zagreb
TYPE OF CONTRACT: Temporary (up to 2 years)
JOB STATUS:Full-time
SALARY SCALE€13600 - €15000 per annum

Applicants should:

Supplementary documentation includes:

  1. Evidence showing that they meet the requirements
  2. CV
  3. Bibliography (list of publications) and information on scientific, teaching and professional activities
    • Advantage will be given to candidates with experience in energy and power engineering.

Both genders may apply.

We offer:

Work in an established and dynamic research group at Department of Energy, Power and Environmental Engineering on the project "Investigating energy transition pathways - interrelation between power-to-X, demand response and market coupling" (INTERENERGY) - coordinated by Prof. Neven Duic

First hand experience in building the capacities for energy transition through work with experienced scientists, national regulatory bodies, industry and public.

Opportunity to solve scientific problems in the field of power-to-X and demand response technologies in an energy market environment and communicate solutions to relevant stakeholders in Croatia.

Details about the project:

Energy systems in the transition from fossil-based and centralized production, with high GHG emissions, to low-carbon systems based on variable and distributed renewable energy, pass through different phases of transformation. In the first phases, raise of integration of variable renewable energy sources (RES) can be performed in most of energy system configurations without the implementation of additional storage and conversion technologies. In later stages, with a high share of variable RES in the mix, synergies with other systems are needed to integrate the cheapest and sustainable energy. This project deals with interrelation between different power-to-x and demand response technologies and market coupling in the energy transition. Role of these technologies is investigated from the context of market coupling, which is already underway in the European Union. In this research, the key question which is addressed is the balanced integration of different power-to-X and demand response technologies, determining their optimal mix and avoiding unnecessary technological lock-ins. In order to achieve this, new modules will be created to model the behaviour of power-to-X and demand response technologies. Also, emerging markets for such technologies will be elaborated as well as business models for their integration. This is an important step in the digitalization of the energy system and employing the synergies in order to decarbonize multiple systems.

For additional information, applicants should submit their questions to: